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Wuheng Ecological System

Future Trends in Green Technology Home Furnishings

about 100 million

Total Investment

about 22000

Production Base

15 years

Industry Experience

12 items

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Wuheng Ecological System

The Wuheng ecosystem is integrated into the building itself, using radiation panels hidden in the ceiling to ensure indoor temperature by running cold water in summer and hot water in winter.
Wuheng ecosystem has no air blowing, no noise, no direct cold and hot air blowing of traditional air conditioners, uneven indoor temperature distribution, bacteria breeding in condensed water and other problems.

Constant Temperature

Constant temperature and comfort

Constant Humidity

Constant humidity is more pleasant

Constant Oxygen

Full oxygen makes it fresher

Constant Quiet

Lower decibels make it quieter

Constant Cleaning

Constant Cleaning is sterile and more reassuring

Windless Feeling

Not blowing is healthier


Better Smart Life

Energy Conservation

Green, energy-saving, and more environmentally friendly

Scenario Application

Latest News

Why is it now recommended to install a five constant system instead of central air conditioning?


As living standards continue to improve, people's demand for housing is no longer a simple place to stay; When urban development generates consumption scenarios; A community is not just a cluster of houses, but also needs to have love, vitality, and a sense of ceremony. The demand for living has been elevated to experience. With the development of technology and the improvement of people's awareness of health, healthy home has become the key word for future housing.

Why can the Wuheng system achieve constant cleanliness? What benefits can Hengjie bring?


The Five Constant System, as the name suggests, is a technological residential home that integrates five major functions: constant temperature, humidity, oxygen, cleanliness, and stillness. The Wuheng system focuses on improving people's quality of life and meeting the ultimate pursuit of modern people's comfort in life.